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Life is too short to drink bad coffee!!

Millions of people drink inferior coffee everyday, high in caffeine and low on flavor, while our premium quality Kona Shark's Coffee costs only pennies more per cup. Good living deserves quality. Our coffee is a delicacy!

We offer 100% Kona coffee, 100% Hilo-side coffee, Hawaiian cacao and chocolate, and 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts.

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Kona coffee, Hilo coffee,
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We love growing the coffee trees and producing a great coffee for quality-minded drinkers. We invite you to "Feel the Rush" of Kona Shark's Quality coffee!

Our Hawaiian Coffees, macadamia nuts, and chocolate make great gifts!

Visit our online 'store' to order your Shark's 100% Hawaiian gourmet products online!

Visit sharks-tours.com! and take a personalized, custom tour of the Big Island of Hawaii, which includes a tour of our plantation home. See how coffee and chocolate are grown and processed.

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